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Delighting content editors with UX in Drupal 8

I would like to share some feature requests that have been made by content editors, digital marketers and project managers I have worked with on projects and ways that I have handled them. By sharing these experiences, my goal is to make us all more aware of the common requests and how we can better build Drupal 8 websites to delight these customers.

Many of these have come from a project I worked on for a large global advertising company where the requirements for an easy user experience were a little more demanding than I usually receive and as a result have changed the way I consider users when building websites. By remembering and delivering these things we can all launch more successful websites.

Areas I will cover are term and entity references widgets, paragraphs, help text, conditional fields, admin theme enhancements and handy contrib modules that will make everyone's lives easier.

I have 10 years of Drupal experience and attended 25 Drupal camps/conferences. 
I've given 28 talks at Drupal events including the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic & Moldova. You can see the full list here


Slides available here:

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