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Encryption stack state on Drupal

Have you ever wondered how to encrypt your data on Drupal? Which data can be encrypted? How? Is it scary difficult? And mostly: is it really secure?

Encryption is a hot topic nowadays, as well as the elephant in the room everybody want to have but doesn't know even where to start from. You would be glad to know Drupal Encryption stack is pretty solid and fun to work with.

Thanks to the core Plugin API, dealing with Keys and Encryption Methods to encrypt and secure your data has never been simpler.

Let's dive into the Encryption Suite modules currently available for Drupal: how they work and talk to each other. And then let's move to the implementation in your everyday life: what you can encrypt, how and why. After this session you will learn:

  • How to encrypt data in Drupal
  • General knowledge about Encryption tools in Drupal
  • Create and use your own Encryption Method
  • Be able to choose the best method for your scenario


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