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Flying agile, where eagles dare

This session is a compilation of adventures in "agile mode" and my collection of best practices that I have developed through painful experience. I will not review the classical ideas of Agile methodologies, but I will review different management techniques for them and when to use the different methodologies (scrum, kanban, fdd, rad/dsdm). I will talk about the truths and lies of Agile methodologies and point to the aspects that are never included in the planning and end up strangling the projects, the taboo issues in project management, hats swapping and how it affects the psycology of individuals, and my view of why projects fail so often (but before we must define what is success and failure), and finally something about estimations.

I am not a certified "Agile master" by a beautiful school with the walls plastered in diplomas. I am an Aeronautical Engineer that learnt all of this through real projects, without preconceived ideas about how things should be. Just wanting to make projects work.

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