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One flew over the developers nest

One flew over the developers nest

In this session I want to give a forum to everyone who identifies themselves as more than a *developer*.

I want to share my story, and I'll start from when I was very young, and what I learned on my journey till now. Currently I'm CTO at Dropsolid and an active member of the Belgian Drupal association where I'm helping organize Meetups and the annual Drupalcamp where I can.

I'm also know within my company for questioning everything - which could be quite nerve wrecking for some. I wanted to touch base with all the developers about the concept of "soft-skills" and how those can help you make an impact in todays world, with your skills.

However, the talk won't be about flowers and butterflies but actual experiences and geekiness that have helped me get to the place where I am, what I've learned in my current position (about a year) within a company that has Drupal at its core and has over 60 employees.

The talk also won't be a promotional talk for my company. I think this talk is interesting for anyone who has a position in a company and where your energy to transform that company technically is strong.

Also everyone who likes to question authority, question processes and questions just about everything - this is for you.

What can you expect:

* Nostalgic pictures and the usual looking back

* Actual non-computing skills that have helped me to get where I wanted to be, without me knowing it

* Learnings from the last year such as

** Introducing Agile in a company and how to tackle this + how it looks like today

** Introducing the Drupal community in a company and how you can convince your whole company of this benefit

** How a CTO is the glue that connects all teams, including Sales & Marketing

** How a CTO is a position that you need to actively work to get rid of and you should treat yourselves like that.

* How and why I had to give up individual contributions to Drupal, but it opened up possibilities for others



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