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Overview of GDPR modules for Drupal

GDPR is the new EU regulation on personal data handling. Drupal sites are also affected even if there are only some editor users (email address is personal data) or a single contact form and of course there is no question if you run a webshop or social site that you need to do something. Yes, even if you are not the owner ("controller"), just a developer / maintainer with access to the site you are also responsible as a "processor".

This presentation is not about the legal background, you need to contact your lawyer for that. This presentation is about the "reasonable steps" you can take to get closer to the principles and requirements of the regulation.

As you probably already heard the phrase "There's a module for that!", the same is still true when a site maintainer seeks some assistance to make their website GDPR-compliant. However, currently, a search for term "GDPR" returns 8 results of contribution modules on Each of them has a specific purpose implemented on various maturity levels. In our presentation, we will introduce the most mature ones in a couple minutes of a live demo, then also leave enough time to discuss further questions from audience side.


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