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Twig and twig.js: A magical tale about 2 families, and about art, magic, heroes and villains

This session will look at the prospects of using the same templates for your dynamically rendered / ajax powered front-end logic, and your statically responding back-end HTML. More specifically we will look at:

  • Part 1: What is the story behind getting where we are now?
  • Part 2: What is the current state of how we can do this?
  • Part 3: What are some usecases for implementing it?
  • Part 4: What are some bad examples of template-sharing code-bases?
  • Part 5: Hacks, tips and tricks

But since that sounds a bit boring, we will look at it through the following parts:

  • Chapter 1: Art
  • Chapter 2: Magic
  • Chapter 3: Heroes
  • Chapter 4: Villains
  • Chapter 5: Dark sorcery

This will hopefully enable the audience to make educated decisions about whether or not to use this approach in their projects, and also hopefully spark some interesting discussion about the methods used.


Acquia Auditorium
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