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What is a Sprint?

A sprint is a get-together for focused work on a project. Sprints are an important part of Drupal's growth, and are also a great opportunity to get involved, because others are on hand to help you contribute. There are many sprints scheduled for Drupal Dev Days, so come and collaborate in person with hundreds of other Drupal community members!

Who should come?

Everyone! You don't need to be a developer to contribute; we need project managers, bug reporters, QA testers, people to help write documentation, etc... If you ARE a developer, but not sure where to get started, we have mentors to show you the ropes.

Do I need to register for Drupal Dev Days to attend sprints?

No! Sprints are the core of Drupal Dev Days, but we strongly recommend adding your name and/or your sprint to the sprints planning document.

What if I'm new to Drupal and/or sprinting?

Sprints are not only for Drupal coders! There are plenty of tasks for people who'd like to contribute, such as testing, working on design and UX, and documentation.

Don't be shy to chime in! Mentors and Sprint leaders will be there to help you.

I worked on Drupal before, which sprints are for me?

If you have experience with Drupal issues and maybe already know a team/topic, any of the Drupal Dev Days sprint days may be for you, but of course if you have questions, there are always plenty of friendly people to help you.