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Decoupled Drupal and Vue.js

Vue.js is a younger JavaScript framework than the big names like Angular, React, and Ember. However, it already has a sizable following, a very positive developer experience, and momentum in its sails. Its creators pulled many of the things developers liked the most from Angular and React: a fast virtual DOM, reactive view components, and Angular-like HTML directives. They blended these together, and made them even better! As a result, Vue.js is lighter-weight, has a virtual DOM that’s even faster than React’s, and has a gentler learning curve.

This session will introduce you the Vue.js framework and why you might want to chose it for your next project. We will demonstrate creating a single-page Vue.js application, and how it can be use to build a decoupled architecture with Drupal as a back end. Here are some of the questions we'll answer together:

  • Why Vue.js?

  • Vue.js' MVVM flow

  • How can I build a fully decoupled single-page Vue.js application?

  • How can I foster communication between Vue.js and Drupal 8?

  • How can I work in an MVC paradigm in Vue.js?

  • What are the implications of Drupal-backed Vue.js?

Attendees should have experience with ES6/ES2015 JavaScript. Some familiarity with another JavaScript framework, such as React or Angular, may also be helpful.

Acquia Auditorium
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