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Drupal GDPR Module - Exploration of a suite of Drupal specific GDPR tools to help achieve compatibility.

We (FreelyGive) have been working on a suite of GDPR tools in collaboration with BRAINSUM as a result of our experience working with native Drupal CRM. In this talk I will demonstrate the tools we have built, some of the rationale behind why we built them like that and how to use them.

This includes:

  • A dashboard for end users to request "Right to access" and "Right to be forgotten"
  • Tools for site builders and data protection offers to see an overview of all Drupal fields and their GDPR settings (Included, Maybe, Not included or anonymise)
  • Various different sanitisers for anonymising certain fields
  • Tasks for staff to process these requests including any last minute additions
  • Ability to create multiple revisionable consent policies which you can then attach to specific forms or entities
  • An audit trail of those consent fields every time someone implicitly or explicitly consents to something (and which revision they saw)
  • Tools for safely documenting exporting user data through integration with views data export
  • A specific take on handling the backup and restore process where some individuals have asked to be forgotten.
Site Building
Room Theater (B104)
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