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Open Story - Decoupled Administrative Interface for Drupal

OpenStory is an administrative interface for content editors using Drupal 8.x. It is opensource and is built with AngularJS. It aims to improve the authoring experience on Drupal 8 through a state-of-the-art interface optimised for content management, comments management and user management functionalities. OpenStory connects to any Drupal 8 site through the API layer.

During the session you will learn how a decoupled Drupal frontend can be built with AngularJS, how does it interact with the Drupal admin interface and what benefits it brings to content editors.

OpenStory brings the following functionalities to the Drupal content editors:

  • It has a dashboard look & feel interface with widgets to the most used features by content editors
  • It has options to manage Content, Comments, Users as well as run cron & clear cache
  • It has a dashboard that is dynamically built based on the user interaction with the content
  • It brings a collaborative space for editing content
  • Elastic Search for content

Drupal developers with intermediate experience on Drupal API will find this session interesting for each approach to a decoupled Drupal admin interface. Content editors of any experience level will be thrilled to see how an editorial interface can look on Drupal and how this can compete with Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore, etc

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Wunder Space (B103)
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Adrian Pintilie