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Passwords, Security and Drupal; past, present and future.

Passwords (still) represent a significant aspect of online security, and one which all too often turns out to be a weak link in the chain. This session covers how passwords are handled in Drupal (and how this has changed over the years). We’ll look at the latest guidelines and best practices for passwords and how modern Drupal sites can implement these. We’ll also consider how bad actors leverage and abuse passwords, and how Drupal can protect against these attacks. Finally we’ll take a look towards a utopian world beyond passwords.

Learning Objectives

  • How Drupal core handles passwords.
  • How to implement password best practices in Drupal.
  • What not to do when it comes to passwords.
  • How bad actors leverage passwords as an attack vector.
  • The future of authentication.
Site Building
Wunder Space (B103)
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