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Building a citizen portal for 100+ services using a microservices arcitecture

We are currently re-launching the citizen portal of the city of Reykjavik.

The portal integrates more than 100 web services ranging from simple services like registering a dog or re-newing a drivers licence to complex services like admissions of children to school or changing the residential address.

The new portal is built on Drupal 8 and integrates the services with a microservices architecture using JSON Schema as communication protocol.

The architecture was chosen to allow centralized data collection and presentation in a single portal, and at the same time integrate a heterogeneous landscape of services independently from one another.

In this session we will show the key technological decisions of the architecture as well as show case the application.

As a result attendees of the session will have a good understanding under what circumstances it is useful to work with a microservices design pattern and how to approach it.


Room Theater (B104)
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