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Checking your site's health with Monitoring

On these days, a big number of companies rely on their web sites as the main communication channel with the rest of the world. Therefore, having a good system to check that the web is responding as expected to end users is then essential.

Once the site is live, it can be necessary to control some site parameters that will help to confirm whether the site is performing well or if there are any risks.

That is the aim of Monitoring module. Monitoring module provides a lightweight sensor definition framework to check any site variable. The data collected by these sensors can be collected by any monitoring product, like Nagios/Icinga or Munin, or just sent by e-mail to notify the site administrator.

Besides the wide set of sensors provided by the module, it is straightforward to add new custom ones for any purpose. Moreover, the sensor agnostic approach makes it very easy to integrate with any monitoring system.

The aim of this session is to present Monitoring module and showcase the Nagios integration as an example of the wide range of possibilities that this module offers.

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Pablo López