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Data visualization - There is more behind your data

In a world of ever growing data resources being able to make sense out of it becomes more and more important.

From looking at serverlogs to presenting interesting informations to the endusers there are endless usecases. You can make though a real impact if you are able to extract the essence of a dataset and show this to the user.

We will explore the different type of data and present some good, but also humorous bad ways to show this information.

This session won't include technical details / tools, nor require preexisting knowledge of data visualization, but rather focuses on the high level.


## Learning objectives

* The audience should be able to figure out the difference between kind of data: Number , categorical and mixed data

* The audience should be able to pick a good visualization for all of the cases above

* The audience will get to know some basics of usage of colors

* The audience will understand when and why not to use data visualization.


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