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Decoupled Drupal with JSON API & ReactJS

ReactJS is the JavaScript library with component based approach for building JavaScript based web-applications. But any JavaScript front-end needs a RESTful service based back-end to store data and implement business logic.

Drupal 8 has RESTful services built into its core and provides the support of exposing our entities like nodes, users, comments as RESTful Web Services which are consumed by the devices majorly on every platform like web applications, mobile application, IoT devices, etc.

JSON API is the standard of creating APIs in JSON format. The JSON API module implements the JSON API standards and exposes all Content Entities without any additional configuration needed.

In the session you will learn how to build a decoupled web application with Drupal 8 backend and specialised front-end with React. 

This session covers:

  1. How to configure Drupal 8 to expose entities as RESTful services.
  2. How to use JSON API with Drupal
  3. A demo of how to build an app with ReactJs and Drupal 8 as data source.


  1. Basic knowledge of Drupal 8
  2. Basic knowledge of Javascript
  3. Basic knowledge of REST APIs


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