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Dive deep into Drupal 8 Render API

Deep diving into Drupal 8 Render API , how it is different and better than Drupal 7 rendering mechanism. How Drupal uses placeholders and pipelines to improve page performance.

How Big-pipe is integrated with Drupal Render API. This session will also cover how we can use Render API to render custom content and playing around it.

In our talk, We're going to cover:

  • What Render API is
  • How it is Different from D7
  • What Placeholders and Pipelines are
  • How Drupal makes use of Placeholders
  • Rendering custom content using Render API
  • What Bigpipe is and its significance
  • How Big-Pipe uses Render API in backend
  • A working Demo
  • Use lazy builders to build some content 

Takeaways from this talk:

  • Deep knowledge of Drupal 8 Render API.
  • Learn how #type, `#theme`, and #markup elements are both the same and different
  • How can we use it?
  • What is Bigpipe?

Implement custom code for rendering content using Render API.

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