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Do free (as in beer) projects exist?

This talk will be an exploration into the cost of software and, specifically, of Open Source software. Way too frequently software projects are built by companies with what we call "free software". Is it a good thing or is it a bad thing? What are the consequences and costs of this approach? Is there a solution for the problems that this might bring upon our projects? Shall we all start working for proprietary software companies? Do we play a role in this evil scheme of things? Is there a way out? Is this bad for my projects? Really bad? Well, like everything in life it is not black or white but a shade of brown, usually. But wait, where are the good bits? If everyone is using this “free software approach” there must be something good somewhere. Let's look into it and in how I propose to resolve the previous questions and keep the open source industry being economically viable and our projects healthy.

Room Theater (B104)
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