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Drupal in the era of microservices

Drupal in the era of microservices

It was only a few years ago that Docker made its appearance, but the early days in which the term "microservice" became a buzzword have now made the way to a mature ecosystem of cloud services and open source tools. These tools are more powerful than ever, and as they surface possibilities for developers to use, the distinction between developers and operations is getting blurrier over time: the infrastructure becomes part of the application, and every developer is now a devops.

To be able to make the most of these advantage, we can’t just replace the old with the new - we can’t just take a traditional Drupal installation and drop it into a Docker container. We need to rethink the architecture of our system, from production runtime to development processes and project governance. The benefits are big, from being able split large systems into manageable components to the ability to do rolling updates and decouple deployment from the release of new functionality.

In this presentation we will look at those benefits, along with the challenges of moving to an architecture that embraces microservices – and ways to solve them.

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