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The future of Drupal in numbers

The future of Drupal in numbers

The session will make a quick time travel to the state of Drupal one year and a half ago and compare it with the current state. We will revise the data from the Master thesis project I have realized at the Ecole Polytechnic Federale de Lausanne. During the finalization of the project, I gave a talk at Dev Days Seville, where I presented the status of the research and conclusions based on it.

We will then take a look at what happened meanwhile, especially after the bigger events like Drupalgeddon 2.0. Presentation will cover following key points:

  • Drupal in numbers (Site installations, distributions, modules and overall usage)
  • CMS market, public and private sector (comparison to other content management systems)
  • Drupal community (Events, communication, comparison with WordPress community)
  • Drupal open-source (Open-source contribution, financing etc.)


About me

Previously, I was working at MD Systems, where I finished my master project. Currently, I am working at Wunder, as a Frontend Developer, working closely with Drupal. Before MD Systems, I have been a freelancer, with a variety of WordPress and frontend projects. 


Wunder Space (B103)
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