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git and composer workflows for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8

In this session, I'll be presenting some of the best practices in building Drupal 7 and 8 websites using composer and git.

If you're still committing the complete Drupal source code into your repo, or are still stuck in 'drush make' it's time to learn how to build your website in a maintainable way. Some of us are already using composer in our Drupal 8 sites, but we still use drush make for our Drupal 7 sites. In this session I will show how you can easily create composer.json files for your Drupal projects. For those using a make file, I will show you how to easily convert it into composer.

This session will also introduce the best practices in deploying Drupal sites, in git management of branches and pull requests, and also how to use git to simplify your community contributions.

Topics covered
* Semantic versioning
* Drupal build systems
** Drush make
** Composer for Drupal 7
** Composer for Drupal 8
* Leveraging git
** Git branches and tags
** .gitignore file
** Git diff, apply, revert
** Creating a patch + interdiff with git
** Pull requests and peer review


Wunder Space (B103)
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