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Headless Drupal with GraphQL - Stories from the battlefield

Learn the Drupal-GraphQl API from real world examples.

I will be giving a short overview of the API and what it gives you out of the box. However the main story in this session is on using this in production doing an actual project that is more complex then just displaying a list of nodes.
As always  when you use an API that also builds on a new concept, there are a couple of pitfalls and learnings which you can only get, when you have real business solutions to implement.

Let us look together at things like _mutations_, validation and constraints and how they are implemented as _violations_ in the GraphQL API, how to implement a form that works with the very Drupalish concept of content that is built with custom entities that are referencing other entities that themselves reference yet more other entities.

Code examples will be implemented with React and Apollo in the Frontend, however the concepts apply to all other frameworks as well, because the session is more about the challenges around the decoupled integration then the library used.

What you will take away from this session
* understanding of plugins for mutations and input types
* Integrating third party APIs
* Understanding how GraphQL leverages the typed data API
* using custom resolvers
* what you need to know of dealing with form validation in both synchronous and async manner
* What you would gain from a solution with GraphQl in comparison with REST and RESTlike APIS on an implementation level

Wunder Space (B103)
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