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Modern Javascript for Drupal Developers

Drupal is 17 years old. JavaScript is 22. They've both grown up a lot in recent years. If you hadn't touched JavaScript in a while, you might not even recognize it for all the changes. But now that JavaScript is a major player and source of innovation in the web ecosystem both in the client and server sides, there's never been a better time to brush up on what JavaScript can do for your work, and for Drupal as a whole.

In this talk, we'll cover a brief history of JavaScript, including the JavaScript you probably remember from way back when, and then cover some new features listed below:

  • default parameters!
  • template literals and multiline strings!
  • destructuring assignment!
  • enhanced object literals!
  • arrow functions!
  • promises!
  • classes!

We will discuss what each of these features mean for modern development, demonstrate how JavaScript is so much more capable and powerful, and show how Drupal is taking advantage of these new features.

Wunder Space (B103)
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