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Modular software, modular Infrastructure - let's build base Docker images together.

We all love Drupal for its modular architecture, transparent and free codebase and outstanding community. We have reached far beyond horizon to get off the island by reusing and creating PHP most popular packages available via composer to PHP community at large.

We can do the same for our infrastructure. The time of monolithic single instance servers is over with (not so) new and shiny container-based virtualization. Docker keeps building the larges community of all companies + they distribute core of their system as a standalone open-source project called Moby.

We can find many tries of marrying Drupal and Docker together. Tech-wise there are no obvious winners and losers. Many projects, such as drupal4docker, lando, ddev etc. reuse same snippets of code (or layers using docker jargon) to build their platforms from Alpine- or Debian-line base image.

I believe that we, as a community, can do better than that. I believe we can build community-curated list of Docker base images, not locked on any service company, hosting vendor or private entity, but something that is in hands of community and managed by the community. Something that is done the-right-way, scalable, secure, customizable and publicly available to anyone. Something that all mentioned earlier (commercial) projects could use as a base, but also something that entire community could benefit from.

Let's discuss Drupal Docker Initiative -


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