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Reaching the cloud by standing on the shoulders of giants

Like many organisations in the Drupal community, Wunder has seen many challenges when it comes to hosting over the years. We are not a hosting company, and yet hosting plays a major role in the service we bring to our clients. A reliable production infrastructure is one aspect, but others like fluid development processes and flexibility during evaluation phases are just as important.

The hosting market is seemingly saturated, and yet nobody was offering the service we needed. Fortunately recent advances in cloud services and open source tools have made it possible for us to build an infrastructure that meets our complex requirements by combining readily available components. 

In this presentation we'd like to share our new setup in which a few YAML files let us elegantly combine Github, CircleCI, Kontena and Lando. It provides our teams with a simple self-service hosting solution that works out of the box for Drupal and yet works flexibly with any technology. It's also cloud agnostic, which is important to serve our diverse customer base. It's not a solution for everyone, but it's one that works for us and we'd love to share our approach with you.


Wunder Space (B103)
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