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Reusability is overrated, administrability overlooked. The unwritten laws for a successful frontend development.

Drupal frontend development guidelines have been better and better documented over the years, but they still go only so far. So, if your CSS development follows Drupal best practices and uses a SMACSS approach is there anything else you should know and care about?

Turns out, that yes, there seem to be quite a lot of Do's and Dont's that make life a lot easier if you follow them and can make or break your timelines. This presentation will try to list the most important ones that have made an impact on our projects and that have been proven to make everyone's life a little easier.

We will touch on the following topics in the presentation:

  • The role of the frontend developer in a Drupal 8 project and why he/she is not just taking orders.
  • Communication between frontend and backend
  • Communication between frontend and design
  • A working frontend workflow with examples based on Gulp and Sass
  • Desired order of tasks/tickets - What to do first, what to do last, and how to plan and estimate your work
  • Unspoken rules for Sass/CSS development that keep the developer in control
  • Frontend collaboration - how to divide tasks without stepping on each other's feet
  • How to survive chaotic projects with a paranoid frontend development approach
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