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Reuse Your Code, Develop Your Own Drupal Distribution

Does your current Drupal project look similar to the previous one? How often do you copy the same custom module from project to project? Drupal 8 is a powerful CMF, which allows you to build web-projects with various complexity. On the other hand you might not want to collect the same puzzle over and over when you start a new project.

A good news, there are Drupal Distributions(profiles), which can to pack modules and configurations in a single place.

In this presentation I will tell:

  • what are the benefits of building your custom Drupal Distribution(profile).
  • how to build your custom distribution.
  • how to share your distribution between projects.
  • tips and tricks how to develop your distribution locally.

After this presentation you should be able to simplify your development workflow by reusability of your custom code.

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Oleksandr(Alex) Milkovskyi