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Symfony in Drupal 8: How much and what does Drupal inherit from Symfony

This session is for people who are new to Drupal 8 programming and would want to know how Drupal is structured and how much it inherits from Symfony.

This session will be a high level, conceptual, overview of Drupal 8's internals and how they're implemented. Comparisons will be made to corresponding components in Symfony.

Main topics covered:

How Drupal 8 retains all the features of Drupal 7 (site-building-wise) but is a complete rewrite under the hood.

How Drupal 8 does away with procedural programming (but not actually :P) and adopts OOP for good.

Why Drupal's mantra of "Proudly Found Elsewhere" is awesome and what some of those "elsewhere" projects are.

Brief description Drupal 8 hierarchical structure:

DrupalKernal and PHP components at the bottom

Base system (block, entity, form etc) and modules in the middle

Theme system and twig at the top.

A high-level overview of Symfony components used in Drupal and how these components are used by DrupalKernel and Drupal base system.

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