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Welcome aboard the team

Any developer who has worked in team will have to face the activity of setting up their local work environment to start contributing to the project. Whether you are working remotely or onsite, this kind of activity is often time consuming due to the personal configurations of your workstation. This "time wasting" is not predictable and even justifiable to the customer, that is the issue. I think the only way to fix that it's to find a reproducible process which takes the same time to be completed, indipendently by the operating system and configurations. This is why, starting from the last project I've been involved in, I started to lay the groundwork to build it using Docker, Config Split, Drupal Console and Drush.

My session is aimed at programmers and project managers looking for a way to bring new developers on board and make them operational in a given time. It will be a good  starting point to discuss about that.


Room Theater (B104)
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