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Title Speakers Experience Level
Leverage Drupal Multisite Architecture with Component-based design lovehuria, vermauv Intermediate
Scroll through the mind of a 21st-century user sabbi0612 Beginner
Learn as you organise! Surabhi Gokte Beginner
A Step Towards A Secure Site With ZAP Surabhi Gokte Beginner
How to create a module in drupal 8, and the example of how to index files to drupal file system module (drupal 7 and maybe 8) ricardo.salvado Intermediate
Unleash the power of Drupal 8 plugin system vermauv, lovehuria Intermediate
Drupal GDPR Module - Exploration of a suite of Drupal specific GDPR tools to help achieve compatibility. yautja_cetanu Intermediate
Native Drupal CRM for Drupal 8 - The Contacts Module yautja_cetanu Intermediate
Develop and Deploy using Acquia BLT. panshul.khurana Intermediate
Improve Content Authoring And Site Building Experience By Turning Drupal Outside-In panshul.khurana Beginner
Automate updating your Composer Dependencies using Violinist panshul.khurana Beginner
Chat and bridges 040lab Intermediate
Aiming for Drupal automatic updates hernani Intermediate
When Drupal "sucks": the HTTP Client Manager module adriano.cori Intermediate
Flexible content editing with paragraphs and Drupal 8​​​​​​​ baddysonja Intermediate
Everything you always wanted to know about the Drupal Europe but were afraid to ask baddysonja Beginner
Building a citizen portal for 100+ services using a microservices arcitecture breidert Intermediate
Decoupled Drupal Commerce with React Native sweber Intermediate
Open Story - Decoupled Administrative Interface for Drupal adrian.pintilie Intermediate
Behat, Be Human - How to easily setup automated testing and improve your team's happiness in the process wundo Beginner