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Title Speakers Experience Level
Behat, Be Human - How to easily setup automated testing and improve your team's happiness in the process wundo Beginner
Content Strategy and relation to UX Design junaidmasoodi Intermediate
Usability and Accessibility junaidmasoodi Intermediate
Progressive Web Apps for Drupal 8 - Reliable, Fast, Engaging. parvateesam Beginner
Symfony in Drupal 8: How much and what does Drupal inherit from Symfony parvateesam Beginner
Modern Javascript for Drupal Developers drpal Intermediate
Keeping Drupal projects healthy & successful long term: 3 years, 6 years, 8 years and beyond eatings Intermediate
Progressive Web Apps for all Drupal sites rupl Intermediate
Config Split for Multi-site Configuration Management mohit.aghera Beginner
Sharing my experience with Drupal 8 Commerce ChandeepKhosa Beginner
How to delight content editors with UX when building Drupal 8 websites ChandeepKhosa Beginner
What's new in Drupal Commerce 2.x bojanz, jsacksick Intermediate
A tests-first approach to writing modules lakshminp Intermediate
The Helmsman and the water drop: Running Drupal on Kubernetes lakshminp Beginner
OpenEuropa Task Runner: a PHP task runner based on Robo and focused on extensibility ademarco Intermediate
Ow Config, Where Art Thou? nuez Intermediate
Modular software, modular Infrastructure - let's build base Docker images together. zaporylie Intermediate
Methodology and tools for Drupal sites GDPR compliance feo Intermediate
Browser Testing with Nightwatch.js salva Intermediate
User interface text ifrik Intermediate